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Provincial Excellency Hamper

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The Provincial Excellency Hamper is filled with an enticing blend of distinctive and quality food made to exacting specifications. A Christmas Hamper made to excel in the Christmas market.

The alluring charm of provincial flavours takes center stage in the magnificent Provincial Excellency Christmas Hamper. Brimming with delightful delicacies meticulously crafted by the region's esteemed micro food producers, this hamper epitomizes true luxury. Immerse yourself in a gastronomic journey, accompanied by a thoughtfully curated selection of exquisite wines, and experience the essence of indulgence this Christmas.

The Provincial Excellency Hamper exceeds expectations by seamlessly blending tradition with innovation. It artfully combines the timeless allure of a classic Christmas hamper with the added extravagance of four exceptional old-world premium wines, elevating the experience to unparalleled heights.

Each item within our hampers undergoes a meticulous selection process, ensuring impeccable taste, thematic coherence, and exquisite presentation. This attention to detail is especially vital during the festive season, as our hampers are intended as cherished gifts.

When compared to competitors within a similar price range, we stand head and shoulders above the rest. With larger, more abundant products, we refuse to compromise on quality. Every item is personally sampled by us to ensure it meets our exacting standards of excellence.

At the heart of our operation lies the passion for personally packing each hamper, infusing it with a distinct touch of authenticity. We deeply value supporting local artisan producers, and thus, our products predominantly hail from the bountiful culinary landscapes of Britain and Ireland. We also celebrate the finest offerings from across Europe, sourcing from a wider range of regions.

Within the Provincial Excellency Hamper, you will discover an extraordinary collection of 31 full-sized artisanal food items, accompanied by four exceptional bottles of wine. This remarkable assembly goes beyond a mere assortment of products; it showcases our unwavering dedication to crafting a truly exceptional Christmas hamper. Careful consideration has been given to the placement and composition of each element, resulting in a harmonious and visually captivating presentation. Prepare to be captivated by the meticulous attention to detail.

Christmas is a season of joy and generosity, where spirits are lifted and hearts are warmed. Embrace the festive spirit and bestow upon someone the Provincial Excellency Hamper, a gift that promises to leave a lasting impression and create cherished memories.

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Carrigaline Original Handmade Cheese 200g

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4x Old World Premium Wines

Packed in 22" Wicker Hamper
Decorated in Festive Ribbon
Gift Card Personalised for Your Occasion

In the realm of traditional Christmas hampers, the Provincial Excellency Hamper reigns supreme, boasting an array of freshly baked festive treats that capture the essence of the season. These hampers exude a sense of culinary excellence, curated with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Elevating the experience to new heights, the Provincial Excellency Hamper combines the traditional charm of its contents with the addition of four exceptional old-world premium wines. This infusion of liquid sophistication enhances the overall appeal, creating a truly exceptional hamper that is destined to impress during the Christmas festivities.

At our core, we are driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence. Every aspect of our hampers, from the meticulous design to the careful packing process, is handled with utmost care. We take immense pride in offering remarkable value for money, ensuring that all items within our hampers are thoughtfully selected to provide an indulgent experience.

A cornerstone of our philosophy is our commitment to supporting local artisans. With a focus on sourcing the finest artisan products, we embark on a quest to discover exceptional flavours that go beyond the ordinary. This allows us to present our customers with a selection of tantalising treats that reflect the authentic tastes and traditions of the region.

The inclusion of four bottles of exquisite wine strikes the perfect balance, adding an air of sophistication without overshadowing the hamper itself. Careful consideration has been given to pairing traditional Christmas flavours with sweet delights and wines that harmonise beautifully, ensuring a cohesive and delightful experience.

With its generous size and abundance of delightful goodies, the Provincial Excellency is guaranteed to please. We take great pride in offering a Christmas hamper that stands head and shoulders above the competition, delivering exceptional value. It embodies the spirit of Christmas and promises to be a memorable gift that will be cherished by its fortunate recipient.

  • This is a substantial gift. The Dimensions of this hamper are 58 x 38 x 30 cm.
  • Arriving in an outer box which aids delivery and keeping the gift undamaged during transit. The Volumetric Weight of the package is 20kg.
  • This Christmas gift can be delivered across Ireland in time for Christmas, within 2-3 days of ordering. We also deliver to the 27 states of the EU and the UK without duties. Please be mindful of the Christmas busy period, during which delivery times may be slightly distorted.
  • The cheese is wax wrapped so it is best stored at between 7-11 degrees.
  • The breakable bottles come in an additional package of extra protection with dimensions of 46 x 27 x 28 cm and volumetric weight of 8kg.
  • This gift is presented in a large spacious lidded wicker hamper, exuding a traditional elegance. The hamper is crafted from natural wicker, adding to its organic appeal. To enhance its overall aesthetic, the hamper is adorned with a lavish satin ribbon carefully selected to complement the intentions of the gift. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to provide a personalised message which will be elegantly featured on a suitable gift card.
  • The hamper is crafted from natural materials, making it both practical and eco-friendly. It can be reused for various purposes, adding to its value. Furthermore, the outer cardboard packaging is fully recyclable, aligning with the EU Packaging Directive 94/62/EC and promoting sustainability.

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