Thank You Gift: Connoisseur

Thank You Gift designed for all those times when you want to say thanks, but aren't quite sure of an effective way of doing so. How many times has a friend or colleague, or it could be a completely random stranger performed an act of generosity, towards you? You know that they will refuse any offer of money, so you're looking for a Thank You gift, which is personal without being too specific.

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Product Description


  • Patton's Bakery Chocolate Cake 400g
  • Killbeggan Original Irish Oat Cookies 200g
  • Holmes Honeycomb Bars 200g
  • Rhythm 108 Lemon & Ginger Tea Biscuits 135g
  • Lily O'Briens Creamy Caramel & Sea Salt Chocolate Pouch 120g
  • Sweet Boutique Caramel Lollipop 50g
  • Lismore Dark Chocolate Apple Sticks 25g
  • Brownlees Rhubarb & Ginger Jam 227g
  • Sendero Guatemala Coffee 250g
  • SD Bell 10 Speciality Tea Bags
  • Presentation Wrapped Open Fabric lined Wicker Gift Basket
  • Decorated with golden silk ribbon and with thank you message ribbon
  • With Thank You Greetings card for your personalised message