Easter Hampers

What does Easter mean to you? The original meaning of Easter was the story of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and then rising again. It is seen as a time of great celebration and is one of the most important dates in the Christian calendar. However, as time progressed it also became about the Easter Bunny and eating lots of chocolate too. At BasketsGalore, it is all about Family and Easter Hampers for us.

Easter Hampers differ from Easter Gift Baskets in that they are designed with family in mind. The children are off school (albeit after only being back a few weeks in this Covid 19 era), parents get a few days of work and everyone hopes for a bit of sunshine to be able to get outside and spend some quality time together as a family.

Traditional Easter Gifts

Although traditionally only children would have been given a chocolate Easter egg as an Easter gift, the whole occasion has now become a bit of a family affair. Why should it just be the kids having all the fun, when the grown ups can join in too? When designing our range of Easter Gifts we create Easter Gift Baskets For Children, Easter Gifts For Adults and also Easter Hampers For Families.

So let's look at our Easter Hampers in a bit more detail to see exactly what your family will be receiving to enjoy over the Easter Holidays, should you decide to send them one this year.

Easter Hampers Designed For Families & Friends

Our Easter Eggstravagance Hamper range is just perfect for families or groups of friends to share. Filled with a carefully selected assortment of varying tastes and flavours, they contain something for the whole family to enjoy and hopefully not fight over! It comes in 4 varieties, depending on what you would like the focus of your hamper to be. These Easter Hampers all come with a core selection of Easter eggs and Easter chocolates to get things started, from Lindt and Cadbury's. Then a little something extra is added to take it down a slightly different taste route.

The Easter Eggstravagance Family Hamper has more of a focus on families with younger kids with the inclusion of jelly sweets and marshmallows. The bright and colourful items inside just add to its appeal to want to tear it open and devour everything immediately.




The Easter Party Eggstravagance Party Hamper has a selection of organic lemonades added to give it a refreshing appeal. When packed the bottles are placed into the bottom of the basket to keep them safe and protected in transit. It makes it exciting for the recipient too, when they discover a second secret layer of goodies upon unwrapping it.

As well as chocolate, Easter also makes me think of freshly baked items such as hot cross buns. The Easter Bakery Eggstravagance Hamper includes freshly baked scones and toffee waffles adding to the freshly baked feel. We're very excited to be able to offer scones this year as they are so fresh it was too difficult to manage them logistically. If you would like to explore more freshly baked Easter Baskets, you can view more here.


The Easter Chocolate Eggstravagance Hamper includes, you guessed it, even more chocolate, with chocolate bars and buttons being added to the mix. You can never have too much chocolate right? Especially at Easter time. My youngest sons 2 favourite times of the year are chocolate related - Easter and Christmas. I can't say I blame him being a bit of a chocoholic myself.

Online Easter Gifting

Online Easter gifting has become more popular than ever in the last 2 years, due to the pandemic. We remember Easter last year being exceptionally busy as people rushed to organise Easter Gift Hampers upon realising they wouldn't be able to give one in person. This year has followed suit so far as we continue in lockdown throughout this period. We are here to make Easter that little bit more bearable but helping to keep families connected by offering Easter Gift deliveries across the UK. The only thing we can't do it have the Easter Bunny deliver it for you, but our expert couriers DPD have it covered.