“The key to luxury is and always will be centred around an idea of exclusivity - the feeling that not everyone will be able to get their hands on or experience whatever it is that the brand is selling.” (eTail)


When creating our new range of Luxury Hampers we had to ask ourselves what luxury meant to us? For us, luxury is the exclusiveness of receiving a wicker hamper packed with expensive products at a high price point. Our Luxury Hampers are not just a gift, but a memorable experience. Thanks to the generous size of the Platinum and Diamond Luxury Hampers, they are perfect for sharing with family and friends during a celebration or at Christmas, when people are more likely to come together and share happy times. When you send a luxury hamper, you are sending a unique experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere.  


What’s even more interesting about our Luxury Hampers is that the hamper itself can be kept forever as a keepsake. Our wicker hampers are reusable and have many other uses, they can be used for storage in the bedroom, bathroom or hallway or they can even be made into a pet bed for the recipients fur baby. Long after the contents of the Luxury Hamper are gone the recipient will still be thinking of you each time they pass their new storage basket.


The Platinum Luxury Hamper


The Platinum Luxury Hamper is packed with an impressive amount of products, with a wide selection of chocolates, biscuits, tea and coffee. The Platinum was designed to bring people together to sit and share conversations and memories, while creating more memories.

Platinum Luxury Hamper

Platinum Wine Luxury Hamper


Often when we are having a celebration drinks and snacks go hand in hand. The Platinum Wine Luxury Hamper features one bottle of white wine, two bottles of red wine, and one bottle of Prosecco. The party will go on for days with the Platinum Wine Luxury Hamper.

Platinum Luxury Wine Hamper


The Diamond Luxury Hamper


The most expensive through the year wicker hamper, the Diamond Luxury Hamper is filled with exclusive products the recipient is unlikely to have sampled before, from single estate chocolate truffles, chocolate hazelnut spread, cucumber relish and much more. Each bite will be a delight.

Diamond Luxury Hamper

Diamond Supreme Luxury Hamper


The WOW factor… if you want to wow someone this Christmas, be sure to send them the Diamond Supreme Luxury Hamper. Packed with four bottles of premium wine, smoked salmon, ham, venison, lamb and air dried beef. Just imagine all the endless tasting combinations packed within this wicker hamper

Diamond Luxury Supreme Hamper


You know the saying, “you don’t know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”? That is exactly what we believe our hampers provide, memories to be shared for years upon years. We can only imagine the praise you will receive for sending such a thoughtful gift!


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