Maybe we’re just looking for a change of scenery since we’ve spent the last year staring at the same four walls, but it seems to me like everyone is moving house (myself included). While it can be an exciting time, no one tells you about the stress. There are so many little things to remember like changing your addresses at the bank and redirecting your mail. On top of this, all the food in the fridge has to be eaten-not that I complained. This is all before moving day has even begun. Fast forward a few weeks of unpacking, and it’s time for the housewarming party. No one wants to show up empty-handed. Problem is, when it comes to housewarming gifts, where do you start?

Housewarming DON’TS

House Plants

While they might look nice, house plants are a full time responsibility. A bit like myself, they need fed and watered regularly and may need direct sunlight to survive. It’s probably best to avoid them on this occasion.


Art or Home Décor

When it comes to art or home décor, everyone likes different things. The home-owner will have an idea of how they want the house to look, so let’s just leave the decorating to them.


Gift Cards/Vouchers

This one is probably up for debate, but gift cards or vouchers can seem a bit lazy and impersonal. You want the recipient to know you put a lot of effort into their gift.


Housewarming DO’S


As we’ve already mentioned, moving house can be a stressful time. Food that can be munched on throughout the day while unpacking, or snacks that can be shared around visitors, are a great way to take a load off the recipients' shoulders.

Rich and Tasteful New Home Gift

Rich and Tasteful New Home Gift €63.27


Candles can help to create that all-important new home scent and will ensure the recipients are able to relax after a long day of unpacking. Smell and memory are closely interlinked so this scent will forever remind them of this important chapter in their lives.

Artful and Aromatic New Home GiftArtful and Aromatic New Home Gift €59.05

Something they can cherish

Whilst food is great for the here and now, it’s also a nice idea to get the recipient something that they can hold on to, something that will always remind them of this exciting time. Our housewarming gifts include a gorgeous home ornament that the recipient can cherish for years to come.

Joy and Laughter New Home Gift

Joy and Laughter New Home Gift €55.80

The Great Housewarming Trifecta

In our blog “The Great New Home Trifecta” we talk in more detail about the 3 things a housewarming gift should be- personal, visual and practical. You can check it out here.

How much should I spend on a housewarming gift?

How much you spend depends on how well you know the recipient. Maybe you want something cheap and cheerful, or maybe you’re joining together with a few others and are looking for something a little more expensive. Our New Home Gifts range from €55 to €225 so we have something to suit all budgets.

You've had a sneak peek at some of our cheaper housewarming gifts in this blog, but the full range of New Home Gifts are available for purchase on our website now. Just click here.