A Get Well Gift doesn't necesscarily have to help aid someone's recovery from an illness or injury. We tend to think of visiting someone to drop off some grapes or chicken soup when they have a cold or a broken bone, but what if the patient is suffering a different kind of pain? Not all illnesses are physical, or they might not even be ill, but just in need of a pick me up.


Early Get Well Gift Range

When Ciseáin Go Leor first began creating gifts, our Get Well Gift range was quite unique. We began life with a range called 'A Basket of Tonic' with gifts such as "Pamper Him" and "Feel Good Formula". These gifts were all designed to as pampering pick me ups, with an emphasis on non food items. We were perhaps a bit ahead of our time though when it came to a get well gift involving the mind as well as the body.


The average human has 6200 thoughts a day (source news18.com) With thousands of thoughts crossing our minds everyday it is easy to see why some people have trouble falling asleep at night, if your mind won’t switch off. Equally you might become overwhelmed during the day when trying to balance everything life throws at us. Luckily there are plenty of things we can try to to help our minds relax & reset. The Team here came up with some ideas for how they like to relax, you can watch the video here.


Modern Get Well Gift Range

As time went on we at Ciseáin Go Leor had to adapt to the mainstream market and that meant offering fruit, food and flowers in the Get Well Gift range. However, we never lost our sense of creativity and always had a range of “alternative” get well gift options, such as “Mind Over Matter”. As we continue to grow in our 20th year, it is our mission to offer even more amazing gifts & focus on all aspects of health and well being.


Mind Over Matter 2009


Mindfulness & positive thinking for example, we have probably all heard of this. We know it is good for us, but how often do we put the theory into practice and see how things around us change? We now know how vital is to look after our head space, yet we tend to forget about it. Our minds need attention and care every day. According to the Irish Times website some 18.5 per cent of the Irish population was recorded as having a mental health disorder in 2016.

To be in support of mental well being, we have created a range of Think Well - Get Well Gift Baskets full of pleasant mindful puzzles, books and games and topped up with healthy foods. Our Think Well Gift Baskets were created as an aid to be sent to someone who needs that little bit of support and reminder that everything will be fine. We have lots of lovely suppliers who help us to achieve this mix of foods, with Professor Puzzle supplying lots of the fun items.

Think Well Get Well Gift Range


Think Well Get Well Gift Baskets

Our Think Well Gift Baskets are thoughtful gifts, created to bring the recipient back to the present moment by entertaining themselves with interesting puzzles or healthier tasting but scrumptious products. There are 5 main options in this particular category of get well gift, with my absolute favourite is the Get Well Creative Thoughts Gift.


Get Well Creative Thoughts

I would be delighted to receive a gift like this, as just looking at the warm & soothing pink colours brings a smile to my face. Rather than just wishing someone well, you can help to kick start their creativity with a gift such as this containing lots of stimulating activities packed inside, such as an adult colouring book and pencils, a brain training game, Rubik's square puzzle, colour block cube, a fun bucket list, and a brain games puzzle book with the quote from Albert Einstein, "creativity is intelligence having fun".

A little bit of what you like does you goof after all, and so we've also included healthy, guilt free snacks. Such as ethical chocolate, organic oat cookies, chocolate enrobed fruits and other interesting treats. There is also some traditional fruit juice included to boost those Vitamin C levels. After a relaxing afternoon engaging in some of the creative puzzles within this gift basket the recipient will be feeling more refreshed mentally. Send this get well gift basket of happiness and love to someone who needs some extra love, support, and health.