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Alcohol Free Deli Celestial Giant

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Send the celestial delights and experience the magic of Alcohol-Free Deli Celestial Giant. A true testament to refined taste, thoughtful generosity and the joy of celebrating in grand style.

This luxurious Gift Hamper is designed to be a remarkable choice for high value business relationships, but also as a personal gift for friends and family. This impressive non-alcoholic gift hamper is guaranteed to amaze even the most challenging individuals to please.

At the heart of this lavish assortment lies the tantalising Chocolate Yule Log Cake, hand decorated by the esteemed Original Cake Company. Rich and indulgent, this exquisite treat embodies the essence of Christmas. With its velvety texture and flavour it evokes a sense of festive joy and celebration.

Within this magnificent hamper they’ll discover Chocca Mocca Orange Peel Dipped in Dark Chocolate and lovingly crafted in the UK. A decadent fusion of tangy orange peel with dark chocolate offers a harmonious marriage of flavours that thrills the senses and satisfies the most refined palettes.

For connoisseurs of gourmet meats, the hamper presents a delicacy from the captivating Connemara region of Ireland. Air Dried Lamb from McGeough’s Butchers, who are renowned for their time honoured traditions using home grown and local herbs and many secret ingredients. Each bite will have them transporting to the scenic landscapes of the Atlantic Irish Coast.

To complement the delectable treats, the Alcohol Free Deli Celestial Giant presents an array of refreshing beverages. Including Luscombe Fruit Drinks and alcohol-free wine and beer, for those who prefer to indulge on non-alcoholic alternatives.

This grandeur Hamper reveals an assortment of other high-quality treasures. From vintage cheese and snacks to handcrafted preserves, it showcases an exceptional range of flavours and textures to indulge in. Elevate your gifting to unparalleled heights with this exquisite ensemble of culinary delights.

Chilled Foods
Carrigaline Garlic & Herb Handmade Cheese 200g
Vintage Cheese Truckle Nutty Cheddar BandonVale 200g
Connemara Air Dried Lamb 55g

Christmas Foods
Cork West Bakery Red Velvet Cake 400g
Chocolate Log/Yule Log Cake Hand decorated, Original Cake Co.
Holmes Traditional Large Handmade Christmas Pudding 420g
Very Fruity 6pk GF Mince Pies 400g

Gourmet Foods
Winter Dessert Collection Lily O'Brien's 224g
The Signature Chocolate Collection Butlers 200g
Mint Truffles Skelligs 130g
Chocca Mocca Orange Peel Dipped in Fine Dark Chocolate 100g
Real Fruit Jellies Pandora Bell 150g
Lismore Food Dark Chocolate & Cardamom, 150g
DutchStyle Chocolate Waffles Tregroes 260g
Irish ChocolateChip Cookies Kilbeggan 200g
Ditty's Handmade Irish Oatcakes 150g
Graham's Traditional Irish Shortbread 135g
Smoked Irish Almonds and Peanuts Forest Feast 120g
60% DarkChoc Sour Cherries Forest Feast 120g
Natural Leaf Tea Tin SD Bells 125g
40 Tea Bags in Tin SD Bells 125g
House Blend Bró Coffee 200g
Moments Trio Milk & Dark and White Chocolate Assortment
Nano_Lot Naive 70% Karimui Png Chocolate 57g
Teddy Sleigh 5pk Lindt 50g
Fruit and Nut Milk Chocolate Skelligs 75g
Heritage Peppermint Fondants 200g
Ember Chilli Beef Biltong 28g
Piri Piri Stuffed Olives Silver&Green 220g
Smoked Chili and Sesame Seed 125g

Jars and Preserves
Country Fruit Chutney Crossogue 225g
Lemon, Orange&Grapefruit Marmalade Handmade preserve Brownlees 110g
Rhubarb & Ginger Handmade Preserve Jam Brownlees 227g 
Olly's Farm Dublin Honey 227g
Summer Whole Truffle Laumont, 25g
Spanish Sardines in OliveOil 115g
La Cuna Conservas Mushroom Mousse 85g
Bittersweet Figs S.A.T. El Artesano, 370g
Lecale Harvest Farmhouse Pâté 90g
Filligans Irish Cucumber Relish, 225g
Pulpo en Salsa Gallega Octopus 111g
Spanish Pickled Baby Gherkins 260g

Sparkling Apple Juice LongMeadow 750ml
Sparkling Apple Juice LongMeadow 750ml
Organic Wild Elderflower Bubbly Luscombe 750ml
Organic Wild Elderflower Bubbly Luscombe 750ml
4x Sparkling Apple crush Luscombe 27c
2x Organic St Clements Luscombe 27cl
2x Organic Rhubarb Crush Luscombe 27cl
2x Passionate Ginger Beer Luscombe 27cl
2x Cool Ginger Beer Luscombe 27cl
2x Alco Free Beer
Alco Free Wine
Ethical Spicy Chai Tea Bags NEMI
Ethical English Breakfast Tea Bags NEMI
Ethical Peppermint Tea Bags NEMI
Ethical EarlGrey Tea Bags NEMI

Packed in Happy Box x6
Packed in 22" Wicker Hamper
Decorated in Festive Ribbon
Gift Card Personalised for Your Occasion

Are you in search of an exceptional Christmas gift to send this year? Discovering one that radiates opulence and extravagance can be quite a daunting task. A significant gap exists in the market when it comes to high-end gift hampers, often due to companies focusing on creating gifts that appeal to a broader audience. However, a unique approach has been adopted for individuals seeking to convey their festive greetings with sophistication, elegance and marvellous culinary delights.

To create these extraordinary gift hampers, an elevated selection of delectable items from exquisite Gifts has been paired with a carefully chosen assortment of luxurious non-alcoholic beverages. What sets these hampers apart from everything else is their incorporation of products sourced from independent artisans across Europe and the UK. This not only connects the recipients with their loved ones but also fosters a bond between inspiring local craftsmen and people near and far. Furthermore, it ensures that the products delivered uphold the highest standards of quality, as the suppliers consistently strive to enhance and maintain the excellence of their ingredients, resulting in unparalleled taste and quality.

The Alcohol-Free Deli Celestial Giant, a culinary masterpiece, has been crafted to achieve the perfect blend of sweet and savoury flavours, presenting a harmonious collection of full-sized products that epitomize the essence of a Christmas hamper. With a diverse range encompassing beloved traditional Christmas delicacies such as mince pies and festive desserts, as well as contemporary flavours from around the world, this hamper is carefully curated to entice even the most discerning palates, leaving an impression that is bound to please anyone receiving.

Immeasurable pride is taken in ensuring that each gift dispatched from the warehouse is thoughtfully assembled, free from unnecessary fillers or products that might detract from the overall experience. Unlike some companies, utmost dedication is given to offering only the most desirable products to customers. These gift hampers are meticulously designed, taking into consideration both size and weight, to strike the perfect balance between an assortment of delightful treats and a variety of non-alcoholic beverages to savour.

Now, who is the ideal recipient for this remarkable gift hamper? It is well-suited for valuable business relationships where leaving a lasting impression is crucial. Whether surprising and delighting associates at their corporate headquarters with an extraordinary Christmas gesture or extending goodwill to their family members by sending this hamper to their home, the Alcohol-Free Deli Celestial Giant can effortlessly convey appreciation and festive wishes.

While the primary focus is on business relationships, these gift hampers are incredibly versatile and can cater to a wide range of gifting needs. From personal celebrations to corporate events, this hamper encapsulates the true essence of giving, making it the perfect choice for those who aspire to make a significant impact with their presents. Embrace the art of gifting with this exceptional hamper and create unforgettable moments of joy and gratitude.

  • This is a magnificent luxury hamper. The dimensions of the main wicker hamper are 58 x 38 x 30cm. In addition to this there are 6 Hamper Gift Boxes measuring 34 x 24 x 9cm that hold the beverages.
  • Arriving in 2 separate outer boxes which aid delivery, keeping the gift undamaged during transit. The combined volumetric weight is 31kg.
  • This Christmas gift can be delivered across all of the UK in time for Christmas, within 2-3 days of ordering. We also deliver to the 27 states of the EU without duties. Please be mindful of the busy Christmas period, during which delivery times may be slightly distorted.
  • The cheese is protected with hard wax, meaning it can last 2-3 months if stored correctly.
  • The contents arrive presented in a full traditional wicker hamper. Fastened with premium leather straps, giving it that authentic Christmas finish. Alongside the wicker hamper are 6 compact gift boxes which are lightweight and recyclable.
  • Accompanying the gift will be a Christmas card personalised with your own message that’s added during checkout.
  • The hamper can be reused for various purposes. Furthermore, the outer cardboard packaging is fully recyclable, aligning with the EU Packaging Directive 94/62/EC and promoting sustainability.

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