Why Did We Decide to Create an Irish Hamper?


The simple answer to this question, is customer demand. The long answer, is extensive market research, contacting new suppliers and building new business relationships, creating the core products expected to be found in a hamper, lots and lots of trial and error… for a long time it has been a goal of ours to create a hamper with solely Irish produce. But believe it or not, that is easier said than done.


Did We Encounter Any Problems Along Our Journey?


Of course, when creating something new, new problems always arise. The Emerald Isle is a country rich in farmland and livestock, with the main product being produced as cheese, milk, barley and cereals. Now that you know the main produce of Ireland, you can begin to understand why we faced some bumps along the way. As our customers want a hamper filled with traditional hamper treats, it was our job to fulfil this. Being the determined people that we are, we didn’t let this obstacle stand in our way, so we made it our mission to scour the Emerald Isle in search of a wide variety of high quality produce to fill our hampers.


The Progress of the Emerald Irish Hamper


You asked, we listened. It was time to get to work creating a perfect Irish hamper. Where does one start, you may ask? After careful thought, messy brainstorming, enlightening market research, and serious meetings, we developed the 10 key products that you, our customers, will expect to see in our new Irish Hampers. The core items that we settled upon were: chocolate, baked goods, sweet biscuits, savoury biscuits, sweets, snacks, cheese, savoury condiments, sweet condiments and tea.


Building New Supplier Relationships Across Ireland


Based of the core items we developed, we searched all of Ireland for high quality, premium, and varied products which meet your high expectations from us. We believe that we successfully developed new business relationships with other Irish family run businesses that produce extremely high quality products such as Hassets Bakery. We are lucky enough that as part of our market research, it meant sampling the goods!


Being a family run business ourselves, we always want to support other small businesses so that we can grow together hand-in-hand. You can read more about how we are Celebrating Irish Producers in another blog here. 


Creating a Variety of Hampers


Within our Emerald Irish Hamper range we have created five different product lines, starting at €110 up to €300. We created a variety to suit different budgets, and different occasions. What’s the difference between the hampers ranging between €110 to €300, you might ask?


Have a look below for a few examples…


The difference is the quantity of products within, even in our cheapest Irish hamper we always include full size products, so you can be sure you are not receiving a product with smaller quantities. What’s more, we also created Irish hampers with smoked salmon and ham and a duo of wines if you are wanting to send a gift which is more premium. 


In total, the Emerald Irish Hamper has an astounding 27 different versions! To view the full range click here.