We’ve probably all heard the phrase “you are what you eat” and that’s never of more importance when you’re under the weather or recovering from an illness or injury. We researched the very best items to include in get well hampers and put them all together into the Eat Well - Get Well Hampers Range.

We all know that eating a healthy diet is beneficial and can help prevent disease. Numerous studies conclude that eating a rich and varied diet, that provides good nutrients, allows us to reach our full potential and supports a healthy immune system to protect us from illness and disease. A balanced diet will provide the nutrients that interact with each other to allow the body’s functions to perform efficiently, so you can truly thrive! And this is not a secret that when we eat healthy food, we feel healthy. As Hippocrates once said: “Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”. The father of modern medicine was right - what you eat plays a huge role in the way you feel.


When we read up about the foods that are particularly good to eat to regain strength we were delighted to see many of them could be incorporated into Get Well Hampers. Top of the list was soup or broth, which could perhaps be something for future Get Well Gifts but there were plenty of other options we can include.


Coconut Water

Coconut water is full of electrolytes and high in potassium, which is ideal to keep you healthy and hydrated. Cocofina Organic Coconut Water is 100% natural and comes from a special species of small coconuts.(Cocofina.com)


Hot/Herbal Tea

Tea not only helps to keep us hydrated, it is loaded with lots of other benefits including an immune system boost, antioxidants, vitamin C, and antimicrobial and antiviral properties. We have a wide range of herbal Qi Teas as well as traditional black tea.



We all know that honey and lemon is the perfect drink for easing a sore throat. Honey is rich in antimicrobials which helps to clear up bacterial infections. The honey we include in our Get Well Hampers is from Lithuania.



Ginger has long been used in Chinese medicine due to its many health benefits, including combating cold and flue symptoms and reducing nausea. We use chocolate, cookies and tea all containing ginger.


Spicy Foods

Spicy foods can help relive some of the symptoms by clearing your sinuses and phlegm. We add a little bit of spice with billtong, beef jerky, nuts and other savoury snacks.



Citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons, and grapefruits, contain high levels of flavonoids and vitamin C. These decrease inflammation and boost immunity, which may help to fight a fever. (medicalnewstoday.com) As well as fresh fruit we also include fruit juices and sundried fruits in our Get Well Hampers.



While we can’t supply fresh vegetables in our Get Well Hampers, we do include vegetables crisps and nuts like Pinkfinch Green Beans & Sugar Snap Peas, Eat Real Lentil & Hummus Chips. We also have fresh Olives by Silver & Green. Other healthy snacks such as corn, pretzels and protein balls & bars.



Oatmeal is bland and easy to eat but also provides calories, vitamins, and minerals you need when you’re sick. We include organic oatmeal cookies in our Get Well Hampers and build around those as a core product.


Eat Well Get Well Hampers


Many people have became more and more health conscious in the past few years, with people also being more concerned about where their food and packaging actually comes from. We are also embracing this viewpoint and therefore made a big effort to source new healthy, sustainable snacks for our gift hampers. Our Get Well Hampers are suitable for those who want to eat healthily, and eat sustainably. They are especially great gifts for those who have just had an operation or are unwell, and need some support on their road to recovery. They are also an ideal “pick me up” for anyone needing some cheering up or a bit of a boost.


There are 5 main options in this particular category of get well gift, but I am highlighting a favourite of mine - the Get Well Ethical Hamper.

Guilt free treats are an expanding market and we are happy to offer more and more healthy food to our customers. This Get Well Ethical Hamper in particular has a lot to offer, such as gluten free almond biscotti, plant based gummies, vegan butter cups, ethical chocolate and other snacks to be enjoyed with a cup of organic tea to warm the heart. Not only are these products better for the body, they are also better for the environment with some of the products having eco-friendly packaging and using plant-based resources.