What is Great Taste Award?

I’m sure you have came across the Great Taste Award badge on food products before. Whether that was when you were doing your weekly shop, or among the dusty jars at the back of your cupboard. Either way, you may have wondered to yourself what does that little badge really mean? Great Taste is the worlds largest and most trusted food and drink awards (GFF, 2020). Thanks to the Great Taste Award accreditation scheme, small artisan producers have the opportunity to have their products recognised as high quality, and great taste. What’s so great about this certification is that when we receive a product which is Great Taste, we can be assured it has undergone rigorous taste tasting by judges with experienced palates.


Although Great Taste Award products are great for the producers themselves, the real winner is the end customer as they have the opportunity to enjoy the quality assured products.


Great Taste Award at Baskets Galore

10 years ago we decided it was time to celebrate the skills of British and Irish artisan producers to develop our own range of Great Taste Award gift hampers, giving our customers the chance to sample the high quality foods accompanied together.


Every year we re-evaluate and innovate our hampers to ensure we always have new and tasty products in our gift hampers. During Winter 2021, we took the opportunity to reclassify what Great Taste Award meant to us at Baskets Galore. Yes, our range of hampers is titled “Great Taste Award”, however let us point out that not every single product within holds this badge. However you can trust us when we say the products are extremely high quality, tried and tested by us!


The past 20 years has been a journey for us, we have come to understand the importance and value of quality within products. With that knowledge, we believe we have judged all the products accordingly to only include the best for you, our customers.


Our Great Taste Award gift hampers are rated by a systematic scheme, following Scandium, Cerium, Erbium, Chrome, Titanium, Bronze, Silver, Sovereign and Gold. As the hampers increase in price we add more products to the hamper. But worry not, our lower priced gift hampers never skimp on the quality of produce inside. All of our hampers combine a mix of sweet and savoury treats packed within, creating an amalgamation of flavours the recipient will be wowed by!


The four lower priced Great Taste Award Hampers, that being the Scandium, Cerium, Erbium and Chrome would be more suitable for an individual as they include a smaller number of products. The price of these hampers range from €80 to €100.


The Great Taste Award Titanium, Bronze, Silver, Sovereign and Gold gift hampers would be more suitable for a small group of people like a family sharing, they are particularly popular at Christmas time when people join together and indulge in moments of luxury.


My Favourites

My personal favourite hampers are the Bronze, priced at €120 and the Gold, priced at €185. I love how the medals designated to these hampers are reflected in the colour scheme to tie the gift together. Of course if you wanted to upgrade the hampers, you can add on two bottles of wine, smoked salmon and ham, both wine and fresh meat, or four bottles of wine.


Great Taste Award Bronze


Great Taste Award Gold


What’s so special about our Great Taste Award gift hampers is that they are suitable for any occasion, whether that be birthday, thinking of you, or congratulations thanks to the versatility of products within. To make your gift that little bit more special, we add a themed gift card with a personalised message from you, and a ribbon specific to the occasion if there is one.


Check out our full range of Great Taste Award gift hampers here.