No.1 Mother’s Day Gift.

Did you know that year after year, flowers have continued their unfaltering reign as the traditional and most popular Mother’s Day gift. According to a study conducted by the National Retail Federation, 64% of people bought flowers for their mum’s in 2020. Even more interestingly Irish men spend 20% more on flowers than women. (As if we needed any more convincing that ‘mammy’s boy's are a real thing!)  

Mother’s Day Flowers but so much better.

We know flowers are the traditional gift of choice for Mother’s Day but at Baskets Galore we say, why be traditional when you can be exceptional. Why gift another bunch of flowers, when you can gift flowers and so much more, with one of our expertly created, personalised, Mother’s Day Hampers and Gifts. Filled with delightful gifts ranging from beautifully scented candles, to personalised mugs and a carefully selected assortment of delicious treats. All wrapped up in a beautiful wicker hamper basket or fully recyclable gift box. Hand-tied with a luxurious satin ribbon. Guaranteed to make her day and sky-rocket you to that sought after, favourite child position. Check out our Mother's Day collection here.

Mother's Day Flowers taken seriously.

Of course, we can’t stray away from the importance of flowers, so don’t worry, we still take them very seriously indeed. According to our research, roses continually come out on top as mum’s favourite flowers. So if you’re searching for the ideal flower to express your gratitude this Mother’s Day, then an elegant bunch of roses is hard to beat. Roses are a universal symbol of love that come in a variety of colours, each representing a different meaning that makes them a beautifully personal way to show your mum the love she deserves this Mother’s Day. At Baskets Galore our roses come in; pink (representing care), yellow (representing friendship) and red (representing love). Each of which, are delivered to us fresh every week, guaranteeing only the brightest and freshest flowers arrive at her doorstep.

Mother’s Day Flowering Gifts with a difference

The compelling difference between our Mother’s Day flowers and those of our competitors is that we’ve combated the biggest flaw of gifting a traditional bunch of flowers. But how? I hear you ask. Well, what’s the worst thing about flowers? Well, they die, of course.  So, at Baskets Galore, being the thoughtful bunch of forward-thinkers that we are. We’ve decided to include potted roses instead. This means, with just a little TLC, they will continue to bloom for longer and the memory of Mother’s Day will echo further into the future. For more information on our Mother’s Day delivery schedule, please click here.

Mother's Day Flowers