Hampers specific to Mother’s Day

At Baskets Galore we don’t move our pre-existing hampers into our Mother’s Day pages and call it a day. Instead, we spend time researching, designing and creating the perfect, hamper specific to Mother’s Day, filled with personalised gifts that mams really want. This is a compelling difference between our Mother’s Day hampers and those of our competitors. Check out our Mother’s Day range here.

Mother’s Day Hampers made by Mums for Mums. 

We aren’t a large corporation ran by a panel of old men all claiming to be experts in what women want. No, Baskets Galore is a family business, directed by two mums (Lynne and Andrea) and our brother (Neil). We like to think of our Mother’s Day hampers as hampers for mums, made by mums. This, plus our extensive customer research carried out by our wonderful team, allows us to be more in tune with what mums really want for Mother’s Day. And also ensures our creations are more creative, thoughtful, imaginative and appropriate.

Figures taken from https://today.yougov.com/topics/consumer/articles-reports/2019/05/06/what-moms-want-mothers-day-2019-gifts-poll

Everything Mum really wants for Mother’s Day in a Hamper

We can’t make partners do the chores for the day, unfortunately, but we believe we can do just about everything else. According to our research, most mums want either flowers or a Spa/Massage Day. So we have incorporated a lot of spa/pamper elements into our hampers. We also cater for flower lovers in our beautiful Mother’s Day Gifts with Flowers range. Find out more here. A lot of the mum’s just wanted  “a day to herself” and chocolatey treats was also up there. Clearly we had a lot of polite *cough* liars *cough* in our study because a lot of the mum’s said they’d be happy with just a card. So with all this in mind, we believe we have created the most perfect Mother’s Day Hamper for your mum to have an idyllic day to herself (or at least lock herself in the bathroom for a few hours).  By incorporating beautifully scented candles, hand-creams, face-masks, body-butters and bath melts from recognised brands alongside beautifully packaged, luxurious chocolates like our Skelligs Strawberries and Champagne Truffles.  All wrapped up in a beautifully presented gift hamper, finished with a hand-tied satin ribbon and guess what. We’ve even included a Mother’s Day card for you “polite” mums. For more information on our Mother’s Day delivery schedule, please click here.