You asked, we listened.

Being an Irish company, our customers have requested an Irish hamper from us over the years time and time again, we have always wanted to fulfil this request but never wanted to disappoint our customers with a gift which didn’t meet the typical expectations of a hamper. That being, what items are expected to be found inside, the variety of items and the number of items.

In order to respond to our Irish customers demand and satisfy expectations, we carefully curated a product matrix of the typical items expected to be found in a hamper. We know that as our Irish hampers are being judged by Irish people, it is extra important that we scrutinise and re-evaluate them until they are perfect. With that in mind, we made it our mission to scour the Emerald Isle in search of products that meet your demands.

We now are extremely pleased to offer an incredibly all-Irish hamper to all of our customers which does not exclude any of the typical products expected to be found in a hamper, such as cake, biscuits, cheese, jars, and more.

When brainstorming what we would call our new Irish Hamper range, we thought that there was no name more suitable than the Emerald hamper. The beautiful green of an emerald stone is synonymous with all things Irish, that being the flag, shamrocks and the green hills of Ireland. With that in mind, our Emerald range of hampers have a strong green theme flowing through them, focusing on green coloured packaging and finishing the gift hamper with a dark green silk ribbon.

Who are Emerald Hampers ideal for?

Our Emerald Irish Hampers have been created with two key people in mind. You may be an Irishman (or woman, of course) living away from the Emerald Isle, and you want to remind your family back home in Ireland how much you miss them and that you are thinking of them. What a better way than to send a hamper packed to the brim with 100% Irish products and a personalised gift card back home to Ireland. The other person our Irish hampers were created for would be an Irish-person living abroad. Perhaps your beloved son or daughter fled the Emerald Isle to somewhere with greener pastures (we find that hard to believe, literally). If this is the case and they are missing home, or you are missing them, our Emerald hampers are the perfect way to send them a comforting taste of home and remind them of Ireland.

Both of the recipients will greatly appreciate the high quality range of Irish products we have included in our hampers, such as typical sodabread toasts, farmhouse chutney, Irish cheese and more. There are also a variety of Irish chocolates from renowned Irish chocolatiers such as Butlers, and Skelligs.

The Emerald Hampers Range

Our Emerald hampers come in a range of prices, starting at €110 right up to €300. The difference between the price ranges is the products within, however it is very important to note that for our lower priced hampers we never, ever skimp on the quality of items within. As our hampers increase in price, we add more desirable products to them and create more variety within the hamper using a detailed product formula. As mentioned before by one of our customers, our hampers are “very well curated, they are not just a bunch of stuff thrown together." (Paul, B)”. We love this testimonial as it perfectly reflects how much effort and thought we put into creating perfect gifts for our customers.

The Emerald Irish Hamper

The Emerald Irish hamper starts of our range priced at €110, filled with all the traditional Irish treats such as tea, freshly baked cake, biscuits, cheese and crackers. All the items are guaranteed to be enjoyed. This hamper is presented in a linen lined wicker basket, which can also be re-purposed after its original use of a hamper.

The Emerald Indulgence Irish Hamper

The next hamper up in the range is the Emerald Indulgence Irish Hamper, priced at €140. This hamper has a wider variety of biscuits and tea, as well as the products included in the original Emerald Hamper.

The Emerald Treasure Irish Hamper 

For the hampers priced €200 and up, you will find them in a close lidded wicker hamper, rather than an open wicker basket. This close-lidded hamper really adds to the sense of luxury and is a perfect gift for Christmas, filled with a wide assortment of treats they are ideal for a family sharing during a special occasion.

The Emerald Treasures Irish Hamper is presented in a close-lidded wicker hamper, priced at €205. This gift is a real treat to unpack, similar to a treasure chest of goodies. This hamper includes more chocolates, biscuits, cheese, jars, tea and coffee, great for sharing!

The Emerald Ultimate Irish Hamper

The Emerald Ultimate Irish Hamper comes in at €260, designed to impress in a 22” close-lidded wicker hamper. This hamper is perfect to send for a special occasion to a group of people like a family with a wide range of products, there is something in this hamper to suit everyone.

The Emerald Banquet Irish Hamper

Last but not least, the Emerald Banquet Irish Hamper will be a snacking feast for days, designed with a large group of people in mind, this hamper will be especially popular at Christmas time when people are coming together and are evermore indulgent. This hamper shouts luxury and is priced at €295, aimed towards customers unaffected by price who enjoy the finer things in life.

No matter the occasion, the Emerald Irish hampers will not disappoint. Buy here.