FEBRUARY - the month when the lull of January has passed, the days begin to stretch that little big longer and we all start to look forward to the Spring. Spring is a busy time for us at BasketsGalore, as there are quite a few special occasions. Browsing in the local shop yesterday, we came across an aisle of Easter Eggs...already. We then turned the corner to be greeted by a sea of red hearts and gifts. Easter seems a long way away still when we have the gift giving occasions of Valentine's Day, St Patrick's Day and Mother's Day to take care of first.

What do you make of St. Valentine’s Day? Is it a day to celebrate love or is it a commercially driven day that just passes you by?

Perhaps it depends on your relationship status. In the early days many couples are keen to express their love and so may choose to celebrate February 14th. Whereas those in long term relationships or marriages may decide not to bother. It is also an ideal time to let someone know that you like them, if you have not gone on a date yet.

Or perhaps it is purely down to personality and how romantic you are? I know we’ve had feedback in the past from customers who have been together/married for years and years, yet still like to send a gift or a card to their loved one. Maybe instead of gifts you make an effort to have a date night instead, as life tends to get in the way and we can often forget to make time for each other. What is your favourite was to spend Valentine's Day or date night?


Valentines Day is not just about lovers any more either. Many kids make Valentine’s cards for their parents or friends and we have customers who send their children, studying abroad for example, a gift on Valentine’s Day. Most parents like to give a little token gift of a card or some chocolate of sweeties to their children to mark the occasion and make them feel special too. So there is no pressure to receive one from one of their peers. There is also now Galentine’s Day on 13th February, when female friends celebrate their friendships. Basically it has adapted now to be a way to show our friends, family and partners how we feel about them.

If you do tend to celebrate the occasion then chances are you will need a Valentine Gift. The Top 5 traditional gifts for Valentine’s Day are:

1) Champagne & Chocolates
2) A Dozen Red Roses
3) A Giant Cuddly Toy
4) Jewellery / Watch
5) Lingerie / Underwear

We might not want to give or receive the same gift every year however, and so we need to come up with some new ideas. Also what if you are apart on Valentine's Day and need to get a gift delivered to them?

This is when you have to get creative and think outside the box in terms of gift ideas. Flowers are probably the first thing that springs to mind when we think of gift delivery for an occasion, but they aren't always the best gift for the person receiving it.

One gift for Valentine's Day doesn't suit all, which is why we go a bit further and create Valentine's Gifts For Him and Valentine's Gifts For Her as well as general/friendship Valentine Gift options.

Valentines Gifts For Her

For the lovely lady in your life we have Valentine Gifts For Girlfriend options and Valentine Gifts For Wife options. These options tend to be filled with her favourite wine or prosecco, chocolates and other sweet treats and then are completed with something cute such as a themed mug, candle or cuddly toy.


Valentines Gifts For Him

For your perfect man we have Valentine Gifts For Boyfriend options and Valentines Gift For Husband options. These options focus more on snacks such as cheese, olives and crisps as well as some bottles of beer to wash everything down. They can also include themed mugs, male pampering treats and magazines for his favourite sport.


General Valentine Gifts

We also have plenty of options that are not themed but are simply full of our most popular food and drink items, for him or for her. There are also Valentine gifts which are perfect for sharing on a romantic night in, so all you need to do it put your feet up and dig into the selection of chocolates, sweets, wine and beer. Oh, I can picture this already....bliss! Ordering a Valentine Gifts for Couples means you get to benefit too.

To see our full range of Valentine Gifts, available for delivery across the UK, Ireland and Europe please checkout the website.