Welcome Gifts

At Baskets Galore, we are forever trying to innovate and create new products that our customers will love. These last few months, we’ve been busy making sure that there are no gaps on our website. That’s why we’ve designed a new welcome range. This Welcome Range contains 3 lines: Welcome Home, Welcome Event and Welcome Break.

Welcome Home

It seems a bit like everyone is moving house at the moment. When it comes to new home gifts, it can be hard to know where to start or what route to go down. When searching online it’s always the same things that come up- cheese boards, coasters and house-plants. (The latter is actually a terrible idea- we dived in to this in more detail in our blog The Do’s and Don’t’s of house-warming gifts here.)

We wanted to ensure that we created something different. Our New Home Gifts were created using the New Home Trifecta. Not only are they thoughtful and beautifully designed, they are also full of products that the recipient will love. You can read more about this in our New Home Trifecta Blog here.

Welcome Event

The last year has changed the way in which we work. At Baskets Galore, we believe corporate gifting is more important than ever. If you want to know why you can check out our blog on Corporate Gifting and Why it matters here.  We’ve created a brand new range of welcome gifts , perfect for corporate and virtual events, for new starts, for new clients, or for existing employees! Whether it be to encourage participation, to show appreciation to staff, to make a good first impression on a new start, or leave a lasting impression on a new client, we have a welcome gift for everyone. These Welcome Gifts are filled with locally sourced products that can be shared in and around the office, as well as personal thoughtful items that they can hold on to. If you want to know more about what we included and why, you can check out our blog on the 5 Simple Rules of Welcome Packs here.


Welcome Break

Not only has the last year changed the way that we work, it has also changed the way in which we give gifts. Over the last year, we noticed that people no longer needed a reason to send a gift. They simply wanted to reach out to those they couldn’t see, and let them know they were thinking about them. We acted as a way of keeping people connected. You can read some of our favourite testimonials from the last year in our blog ‘The New Era of Gift Giving’ here. We’re hoping that this pattern continues, and so we have created this range, as a Best Wishes range, for those times when you want to treat someone, just because. They also feature our new matchbox messages from East of India.


As usual, our Gift baskets and boxes are filled to the brim with products made by small artisan producers, meaning they are of the highest quality. You can see them all here: